2017 BMW X7 release date, specs, price, colors, engine, review

Have you been on the lookout for an SUV that fits the bill for all your needs? The X7 has been ruling the roads ever since it came into production. Manufactured by the Bavarian Motor Works, the X7 is a classy SUV that is not just good in looks, it also delivers on performance.

After many rumours of the expected release of 2017 BMW X7, it is finally confirmed that BMW will launch a redesigned model of the Sports Utility Vehicle. Let’s see how this model will match up to the competition in the SUV category.

2017 BMW X7 release date

Credible sources have confirmed that the new model of BMW X7 will be available in the marketplace by the end of this year. Stay hooked to the company’s website for further confirmation.

2017 BMW X7 specs

Much is not known about the 2017 BMW X7’s specs but it is expected that they will be more or less on similar lines as that of the preceding model.

The 2017 model’s body shell will continue to be based on the 7 series. The car will feature a light weight structure crafted out of carbon fiber materials. The car is due to have plush interiors and more space. It will be able to carry seven passengers.

2017 BMW X7 engine

It is widely believed that the new X7’s power train will be borrowed from the X5 series. Keeping this in mind we expect the following engine choices:

  • 4 liter V8 engine which will be able to produce 445 HP and torque of 480 pound feet
  • 0 liter which will deliver 300 HP and torque of about 300 pound feet

For better fuel economy and less emissions, it is very likely that new model will be upgraded with an electric motor.

2017 BMW X7 review

We’re excited that the latest model from the X series by BMW will finally see the light of the day. Having factored in all the changes to the exterior, interiors, engine and the specs; the 2017 BMW X7 SUV promises to be a power efficient ride. The high tech features make it a truly futuristic crossover that offers utility and looks. We’re certain that the new model will give its competitors a serious run for their money.

2017 BMW X7 colors

The colors for the new model are due to be a surprise because there is no information on them as of yet. It is believed that the shades will follow from the previous model with a few new additions according to user’s demands.

2017 BMW X7 price

The BMW X7 is slated to be priced competitively so as to edge out its competition from the likes of Mercedes GL class and Land Rover Range Sport. At this rate, the car is expected to start from $65,000 for the base model.

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