Ape Survival Quality & Self-Defense Tools Review

Motive of here’s Ape Survival review is not to influence you in favor or against any particular product but to introduce you with wide variety of unique;y manufactured defensive tools available online as the Quality Survival or Self-defense tools. Looking just like common home tool these items serve as a defensive weapon as well during the emergency protecting us from unscrupulous elements like rapists and criminals following us.

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review

Ape Survival is a heavily trafficked website that sells wide range of extraordinarily-manufactured quality survival products including self defense tools with heavy discounts. The Ape Survival offers money back guarantee as well for 60 days. Unlike other online shopping companies the Ape Survival site doesn’t sell domestic products such as garments, soap, shampoo and confectionery items but tools which can be carried easily anywhere else and used in self defense during emergency.

Self Defense Tools of Ape Survival

The list of the quality survival and self defense items available at the Ape survival website is long but I am sharing some of its largely sold best defensive tools. The Ape Survival manufactures wide range of products which can be used as a defensive weapon. Being small in size and looking attractive these tools can be carried along as uses as weapon. The tools serving as the best weapon are available online in the form of torch, strike-pen, concealed knife and ring.

But there are yet many products highlighted at the Ape Survival site as useful defensive tools. But in reality these are the common tools which can not be used for defense. These tools are BULLET BOTTLE OPENER, TOURNIQUET, OCTORING MULTI TOOL, QUICK RELEASE GUN MOUNT, EVATAC DOG LEASH, TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT, FIRE LACES, GRENADE LACE LOCK, SPARE LITHIUM BATTERIES, EDC KEY ORGANIZER, MYLAR SURVIVAL BLANKET and TACTICAL GLOVES.  Let’s have a look at some of the most crucial multipurpose objects which can be used as a weapon in self defense.

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review


It is a non lethal weapon available at the Ape Survival site as the spray. You can use it as self defense weapon to overpower your enemy causing him temporary blindness, cough, suffocation and skin inflammation on the spot. With this you can successfully overpower your enemy provided he reaches physically close to you with bad intention. It causes temporary blindness, coughing, suffocation, skin inflammation, sneezing and tremendous pain to the targeted foe.  Pepper Spray can be used by everyone as a weapon but only in self defense.

  • 20 IN 1 MULTI TOOL

It is home kit accomplishing the jobs of 20 tools such as measuring ruler, stripper of wire, bottle opener, box opener, wrench, screwdriver, nail cleaner, sharp cutter, etc. With its sharp edges it can be used engaged in interactive profession. It can be carried easily anywhere else just like a simple mechanical tool and the weapon.


It is another self defense item available online at the Ape Survival as a unique ring. Being the best quality survival and defensive product this is a 35 gm golden ring, made of stainless steel. Indiscriminate blows with its sharp edge head has got to help in overpowering your opponent. It can be used to hit punch over the face of opponent if he acts with maligned intention.

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review


Made of Stainless steel it serves as a tiny torch but in actual sense it is a baton which can be exploited during emergency for defense. So it is the best defensive tool of ape survival.


It serves as a hammer, an axe and a bottle opener hence can be used to knockout down enemy. Easy-to-carry this is the best self defensive tool of Ape Survival, an online supplier of mechanical home products which can be carried anywhere else disguisedly and used for self defense.


Looking like a bike key it is equipped with a sharp edged strong tiny knife which you can use as a weapon. It is good for the girls and women who can use it for self defense during emergency.


Usable as a slim wallet it is a sharpened knife. It is Ape Survival’s best self-defense tool. Sizing a debit cum credit card it can easily be carried as a self defense weapon. But how effective it would be during the crisis depends upon the situation.

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review


It serves as a wrench, pry bar and bottle opener but it doesn’t deserve to be considered as a defensive weapon.


It is 16-in-one tool and so is the best product of Ape survival but not good for self defense.


Being as slim as credit cum debit card it looks dummy of knife. But actually it has razor-like sharpness which has got to help you in self defense as a defensive tool.


Vow…This actually is an E=book giving tutorial on how to defend you during emergency. It teaches how to know whether you are being chased by someone, how to overpower enemy, etc. It teaches exceptional tricks of knocking down the opponent causing him suffocation with pressure to certain parts of his body. It is really is a good self defensive tool of Ape Survival website.

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review


It serves significantly as a defensive Ape survival tool drawing the attention of locals for your help. But it is not a good way of calling for help. Why not to shout instead…!!

  • 20 IN 1 MULTI TOOL

It is tiny peculiarly built self defense item or weapon with many exceptional features which you can purchase at the Ape Survival website with just $8 dollar. It is both quality survival and self defense item in crisis. Easy to hide within palm this self defense item is a multipurpose tool meeting also the quality survival need. You can use this extraordinarily made Ape Survival-product as a ruler, box opener, wire cutter, fast relief clip, bottle opener, screw driver, wrench, sharp blade and pry-bar.


It protects our chips from Scanners and in this way hides our personal information while travelling. Easy to be kept in a wallet or purse it is another unique Ape survival and self defense item making the life safe.


It is a bullet bottle opener which you can purchase at just $10 dollar from the Ape Survival to maintain life’s survival quality easier use it as self defense item during crisis.

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review

Specialty of the Ape Survival Site

When penning on the Ape Survival shopping website I went through many its features and services especially of its self defense items and found them to my amaze expensive and luxurious item. But dwelling on their defensive role I found them indispensable Ape Survival’s attractive self-defense items.

If someone asks you to provide your wife or daughter with a defensive weapon, your reaction would naturally be exclamatory. But there are several such items which can be carried along and used by the ladies, girls and children in defense. These items can be availed online at the Ape survival. Ape Survival provides useful items which you can use self defense item to defend yourself from unscrupulous elements. These self defense items at first sight look like quality survival products while actually they are the self defense item.

Pros & Cons of Ape Survival Site’s Quality Survival  and Self Defense Items


With the Quality Survival and Self Defense Items the working women, schools girls and even children can protect themselves. Concealable defensive weapons can not be carried out openly, The self defense items do not require any license of training. The Ape Survival promises money back guarantee.

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review

Ape Survival Quality and Self-defense Items Review


The quality survival products sold at the App Survival site though can be used easily, the self defensive items yet pose many questions over the success in defending oneself.

  • The price charged at the App Survival website is not easy to afford for average earner.
  • There is no surety that individuals will be successful in using the defensive tool in defense during emergency. Whistle, pen and torch  are the live example of such types of superficial items sold online at Ape survival site.
  • The Ape Survival site does not refund the hard earned money despite its claim that has been revealed its users in Ape survival reviews.
  • Be whatever the reservation of the users the Ape Survival has emerged as an outstanding website selling extensive range of quality survival and self defense items at heavy discount.

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