Best chrome keyboard shortcuts [Simple Guide]

Keyboard shortcuts for Chrome are quite essential in daily routine, which calls for the creation of our blog on the best chrome keyboard shortcuts. In computing,  best chrome keyboard shortcuts are a series of one or several keys that invoke a software or operating system operation when triggered by the user. The meaning of term “Keyboard shortcut” can differ from software to software, as a “hotkey” on Windows is a system wide shortcut that is always available in all contexts as long as the program is running and not yet suspended.

Chrome shortcut keys actually make the task easier. Chrome shortcut keys even improve the ability of the user to use the only keyboard, they are very essential in daily routine. Microsoft differentiates Chrome shortcuts from hotkeys whereby the former consists of a specific key combination used to trigger an action. Whereas a “hotkey” (Chrome shortcut key) on Windows is a system wide Chrome shortcut that is always available in all contexts as long as the program responsible for it is running and not suspended. Chrome shortcuts are very compatible to use, Chrome shortcuts make our task much easier.

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Few best Chrome keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. To open a new window – Ctrl + n
  2. To open a new window in incognito mode – Ctrl + Shift +n
  3. To open new tab – Ctrl +t
  4. Open a file in the browser- Ctrl + o
  5. Close the current tab – Ctrl +w
  6. Close the current window – Ctrl + Shift +t
  7. Reset zoom level – Ctrl + 0
  8. Go to the last tab in the window – Ctrl + 9
  9. Open the link in a new tab in the background – Press Ctrl and click a link.
  10. Scroll down the web page – Space bar.
  11. Reload you current page – Ctrl + r.
  12. Print your current page – Ctrl + p
  13. Save your current web page as a bookmark – Ctrl + d
  14. Show or hide the DOM inspector – Ctrl + Shift +i
  15. View the page source – Ctrl + u
best chrome keyboard shortcuts

best chrome keyboard shortcuts

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Most used and Best Chrome keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Go to the last tab in window – Ctrl + tab
  2. Go to next tab in window – Ctrl + shift + tab
  3. Search the current page – Ctrl + f
  4. Open the history page – Ctrl + h
  5. Perform a Google search – Ctrl + k or Ctrl + e
  6. Open the downloads page – Ctrl + j
  7. Stop the page loading – esc
  8. Turn full-screen mode on or off – F11
  9. Open options to save the current page – Ctrl + s
  10. Move focus to a notification – alt + n
  11. Allow within a notification – alt + shift + n
  12. Open homepage in the current tab -Alt + home
  13. Reopen the last closed tab – Ctrl + Shift + t
  14. Jump to a specific tab – Ctrl+(1 to 8)
  15. Minimize the current window – alt + space + n
  16. Maximize the current window – alt + space + x
  17. Take a screenshot – ctrl+F4
  18. Open the Chrome task manager – Shift +esc
  19. Close the current window – alt+f4
  20. Quit Google Chrome – Ctrl + shift + q

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