The Best Laptop for Programming & Gaming

Before selecting a laptop as the best laptop for programming and gaming you should go through important features required for the excellent laptops for programming. Although names of best laptops has been mentioned you can select any brand or model of your own choice but comparing some of the indispensable features.

Best Laptop for Programming

Best Laptop for Programming

Preconditions for the Best Laptop for Programming

Select whatsoever brand or model of laptop you want to buy but ensuring that respective laptop work superbly. There are many laptops available in the market but you should choose a Laptop with fastest processor, great storage and high GB RAM.

Processor – It prevents glitches and helps in opening simultaneously multiple windows, pages and applications without causing system to hang or glitches over screen. So choose a laptop with Intel Core i5 processor. It will not require you to upgrade your laptop soon. But will require Intel Core i7 processor provided you are going to press the laptop for gaming. Best processor plays a pivotal role in compiling code as well. A laptop with AMD A8 / A10 or Intel Core i3 processor also suffices.

RAM –  RAM helps in multitasks and hence it should not be less than 16 GB for programming.

Keyboard – Make sure that keyboard of your laptop has easy to use keyboard with each of its keys visible clearly.

Screen – It should be a big high definition screen

Top 10 Best Laptops for Programming & Gaming

Instead of learning the programmings code it’d better you choose a best laptop incorporated with high programming codes.

  1. Microsoft Surface PRO

    RAM: 16GB
    CPU – 2.5GHz Intel Core i7 7660U
    Graphics – Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
    Screen: 12.3-inch
    Storage: 512 GB SSD
    Connectivity – WIFi & Bluetooth
    Camera: 8MP rear-facing, 5MP front-facing

  2. Lenovo ThinkPad E 470

    RAM – 16 GB
    CPU – 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 7500U
    Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 620
    Storage – 256 GB SSD

  3. Toshiba Protégé Z30-C-138

    RAM – 16 GB
    CPU – 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 – 6500U
    Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 520
    Storage – 512 GB

  4. Apple Mac Book Pro

    RAM: 16 GB
    CPU – 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 quad-Core processor
    Graphics – Radeon PRO 450 with 2GB RAM
    Storage – 256 GB SSD

  5. Microsoft Surface Book 2

    RAM: 8 to 16 GB
    CPU – Intel Core i5-7300U & Intel Core i7-8650U
    Storage: 256GB – 1TB SSD

  6. Lenovo Yoga 710 15.6 Inch Laptop

    RAM – 4 GB
    CPU – 7th Generation Core Intel Processor – i5-7200U
    256 GB SSD,
    Graphics 620 Intel

  7. ASUS Q304UA 13.3-inch

    RAM – 6 GB of DDR3L SDRAM and 1TB HDD
    Intel core processor – i5-7200U

  8. Toshiba Satellite L55 15.6-Inch

    RAM – 8 GB
    CPU – Intel Core processor – i5-5200U

  9. Apple Macbook Pro with Touchbar

    RAM – 8 to 16 GB
    CPU – Dual-core Intel Core i5 – i7
    Graphics – Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 – 650
    Storage – 256 GB

  10. Acer Aspire ES 15

    Intel Core Processor – i3-6100U
    RAM – 4GB of DDR3L & 1TB HDD
    Battery Backup 6.5 hours
    Important Features for Latest laptops

Best Laptop for Programming

Best Laptop for Programming

Important Features of the Latest Version laptops

Before you select any one of the above mentioned high speed lap tops, you should dwell on the latest version laptops considering their features. Let’s have a look at important features while selecting the top 5 best laptop for programming purpose.


Without high storage capacity no any laptop or computer can ever be counted as an excellent device. So you must dwell, on a priority basis, on maximum storage capacity of the latest lap top you must be planning to buy.


Be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or a smartphone, they all must be equipped with an inbuilt high speed core processor, that is, a must feature in every latest laptop you want to purchase. The high speed core processors provides quality in the work. We must ensure that the laptop we use must have following features.

SSD drive

Gone are the days when only the hard drives were used. Today in almost all the modern laptops SSD drive is used for extensive storage. So select a laptop with maximum storage capacity which can be availed with up to 256 GB capacity in SSD or 1 TB drive. With it all types of files can be opened much faster.


Also known as memory it improves function by enhancing the speed. It works like a guide to software giving instructions while several programs run simultaneously. The common laptops provide GB RAM (aka DDR4 or DDR1) but newly introduced laptops avail 16 GB RAM.

Compressed PROCESSOR Unit (CPU)

It works just like a human brain, so we must select the laptop for programming with high speed AMD processor. The common laptops provide 1 gigahertz speed that is too low, while the latest laptops happen to be equipped with more than i5 processor leading up to i7 in the unit.


It is the battery back with long lasting performance that makes your laptop serve for long which you can improve in following ways.

Big HD Screen

Be whatsoever model make sure the the screen of laptop be HD and bigger so as to prevent strain on your eyes.

Key Surface Be Smooth to function

Make sure that the touch surface of laptop be highly sensitive functioning even with mild touch.


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