Best SMS service: send sms from a fake number to any number

The SMSGlobal messaging platform is unique and it focuses on speed, efficiency and deliverability of SMSGlobal message transmission (MT).SMSGlobal was founded in 2003 and is part of  The K.A.S NET Group which was started in February 1997. The SMSGlobal offices are in Melbourne’s Docklands Precinct

SMS Global has following superb features:
  1. You can send a message from a fake number to any number i.e. you can confuse anyone. If sender’s number is saved in receiver’s phone then they will not know that the message is sent by you and not by the sender whose number is saved. Off-course you can misuse this service but you should be in your limits because it’s not safe.(it offers custom sender ID instead of using your own number)
  2.  It’s quite easy to send a message using a keyboard rather than mobile keypad.
  3. You can also send MMS.
  4. Scheduled SMS service(you need not learn the dates and events, save them and schedule the message whenever you want to send to the loved ones).
  5. Maintains your contacts : Phonebook feature.
  6. Message can also be sent through email. ( send an email to SMSGlobal and it will forward you to the cantact you have mentioned)
  7.  SMS Web API: you can make your own script and send a SMS easily through a webpage.
  8.  Moreover you get FREE 25 CREDITS i.e. you will get 25 messages free to try this excellent message service.(also to get more credits you can get many free codes available online)
  9. It also offers the delivery report whether the message has reached or not.

To know more details about SMSGlobal:
(Download pdf file, size 569 KB)
SMSGlobal Key Focuses:
1. SMS Messaging.
2. Managed SMS Gateway Solutions.
3. Dedicated Virtual Mobile Numbers.
4. MMS Messaging.

5. Corporate Messaging Solutions.


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