Block YouTube ads on Android

From quite sometime, people are continuously seeking the possibilities to block YouTube ads on Android devices.

Here we are going to discuss a possible solutions to this problem.

block youtube ads on android

Block Youtube Ads on your android device with these steps and enjoy easy streaming.

How to block YouTube Ads on Android

Here, we are describing steps to block YouTube ads Android devices. Follow the steps carefully as the success rates of these solutions to block Youtube Ads on Android are really high.

Step 1: Entitle HTTPS filters

The very first thing you have to do is to go to the Adguard settings and enable the HTTPS filtering so that the data which is sent to YouTube by the servers can be decrypted. In order to perform this step, go to the settings and click on the HTTPS filtering and install the Adguard certificate.

This step is not applicable for the Android 7.0 i.e. Nougat users as the HTTPS filtering in this version is quite limited. People having Nougat version is having two options:

  • Download the older version of YouTube from


  • Download the Adguard certificate from the Move Certs app.

Step 2: Clean the app data

After the successful downloading of the Adguard certificate, the next thing you have to do is to clear the YouTube data. For this, go to the settings of Android, select application manager and click on the YouTube and select the clear data option.

Adguard will remove the ads but there are chances that after rebooting, some ads might still appear before the videos.

So, if you want YouTube videos without any ads then you have to clear YouTube data after every reboot.

This is one way to block YouTube ads on Android devices.

Another way to  block YouTube ads on Android devices

Step 1: Install Xposed Installer

Install “Xposed Installer” on your device and open the app to install the Xposed framework and restart the device.

Step 2: YouTube Adaway

Download YouTube Adaway and install the Xposed framework also, within the “Modules”, entitle “YouTube Adaway”.

Step 3: Hide ads

Once you are done with downloading YouTube Adaway, open the app and select “Hide ads”.  

This is the second way to block YouTube ads Android but there is a disadvantage of using Xposed installer that it is not compatible with the Android kit and can create some problem and interruption might occur during the process.

block you tube ads android

To enjoy hassle-free streaming.

YouTube has become a sensation among the current generation. It serving as a double edge sword- the platform to watch videos and showcase their talent. Moreover,  they can also earn money from YouTube if the video got successfully viral.

youtube ad block

YouTube has become an internet sensation.

People have increasingly become fond of YouTube which is considered as the best sharing website currently. A large number of people record and upload videos in different categories on daily basis. Watching videos is fun on YouTube but the ads which appear in almost every video are irritating as hell for the viewers. No one has got the satisfactory solution to this issue. However, solution for this challenge can give  relief to millions of users and they will be able to watch the videos with an ease.

You can try these two ways in order to block YouTube ads on Android devices and enjoy watching videos on YouTube without any interruption. We are not saying that these two methods will definitely work to block YouTube ads Android but you can try these as the chances of getting success are quite high.  So, all the best people. Keep surfing!!


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