Download BT Notice App for M8 Smartwatch

You should install BT notice app for M8 Smartwatch and Smartphone to enable strong connectivity between the gadgets. M8 Smartwatch though serves as a complete Smartphone you can enable it to communicate you almost all the information your Smartphone or android phone receives. Dwelling on immensely increasing craze in new generation towards smart watches, we are revealing about the M8 Notice app, that serves as a notifier app keeping its users informed with messages, emails and WhatsApp messages. Our market is flooded with a Large number of extraordinary Smartwatches which you must go through to pick a most potential one. So install the BT notice app for M8 Smartwatch on your android phone to make strong connectivity between the Smartphone and Smartwatch. Pointing out both and cons of M8 Smartphone we are highlighting its compatibility with Smartphone  This piece of editorial will help you to a larger extent.

Connect M8 Smartwatch with Smartphone Via BT App

If you want to want to use your M8 Smartwatch as a smartphone then you will have to install BT Notice app as a part of outstanding strategy. Once the M8 is installed on your smartphone, it paves the way for reading and viewing almost all the files of thereof on Smartwatch.

What is BT Notice App?

BT is an acronym of bluetooth. Built to communicate curios about extraordinarily Smartwatches being introduced in the market, the BT notice app keeps the users of M8 Smartwatch and Smartphone interconnected through bluetooth. BT Notification app can be downloaded and installed on any of your smartphone or android device you might be using. The BT notice app for M8 Smartwatches is a superb app equipped with good version, 1.3.19. Bluetooth app serves compatibly not only for M8 but other models of smartwatches as well.

BT Notice App for M8 Smartwatch

What is a BT Notification App?

If you want to download BT notice app for M8 Smartwatch for better connectivity then you can do so simply by downloading the BT Notification app on your android Smartphone. Connectivity of M8 Smartwatch with Smartphone through the Bluetooth (BT) notice app diverts calls, messages and emails of smartphone to the smart watches. So you should use BT Notice App for M8 Smartwatch to become your smartphone.

Use of Bluetooth (BT) App

As has been mentioned the BT app serves as a bridge channelising all the information of smartphone into smartwatch. As we are are contemplating BT notice app for M8 Smartwatch, we can define the bluetooth app as a information-transferring app from android phone to the smartwatch. Unlike smartphone, the smartwatch is easy to be carried and used. The individuals are not to bother of caring their smartphone as BT app-enabled smartwatch accomplishes the job of phone. Through BT Notice app the smartwatch is converted into a smartphone, tied over the wrist of user. In simple words, the bluetooth app turns the smartwatch into a smartphone that remains tied securely over the wrist furnishing all the information of phone.

BT Notice App for M8 Smartwatch

How to Download Out M8 Notification App?

M8 Notification app can be downloaded easily by simply moving over to Google play store. Follow the instructions step by step to install BT notice app so that your M8 Smartwatch can be converted into a smartphone through strong interconnectivity between both the gadgets.

  • Search BT notice app at Google play store.
  • Install BT Nonfiction app on your mobile.
  • Set some specific pre terms and conditions if you are installing the M8 notification app for the first time on your mobile.
  • Turn Bluetooth and BT dialer on.
  • Just after being installed the BT notice app starts transferring messages, emails and files directly to the M8 Smartwatch. The bluetooth (BT) notice app serves as a wireless system between M8 Smartwatch and android phone. But it diverts all the phone calls, messages and other information to the smartwatch.

How to Connect Smartphone with M8 Smartwatch via BT App

Just after downloading and installing the BT Notice app on your android phone you can connect your M8 smartwatch with the android phone.  BT Notification app for M8 Smartwatch serves as omnipotent information-channelising intermediary. Move ahead step by step to connect BT notice app with M8 Smartwatch.

  • Place both Smartphone and M8 Smartwatch side by side.
  • You will see the name of M8 Smartwatch on your android phone.
  • Tap over the M8 Smartwatch notification.
  • Within no time you will receive a code on the Smartphone and M8 Smartwatch bothe. This is the sign of connectivity between the two, recognized as pairing.
  • Mention the respective pairing code on both the devices.
  • Now you have successfully connected the smartphone with smartwatch through the BT notice app.
BT Notice App for M8 Smartwatch

BT Notice App for M8 Smartwatch

Why to Use BT Notice app for M8 Smartwatch?

Good question. Why to waste time and energy on making connectivity of Smartphone with BT notice app for M8 Smartwatch, when the M8 – connectable with strong net, i.e. 3G and 4G network – can serve as a smart phone itself. Of Course it is true. But what about phone’s calls and messages which you want to receive on your M8 smartwatch. The BT notice app actually plays a centric role in shifting data, calls and messages directly to the smartwatch.  So it can work just like a Smartphone. But to make your smartwatch receive what your Smartphone has been doing, you should download the BT notice app.

Why Not to Use Duplicate SIM for Smartwatch?

Many of you might be thinking of why not to use a duplicate SIM of the same number used in smartphone. You might be thinking to insert duplicate SIM into M8 smartwatch. But this will not be possible as the SIM can not be used at two places at the same time. Its software works like software. So you have no other option to convert your smartwatch into a smartphone except employing the BT notice app for M8 Smartwatch that serves as the smartphone, tied on your wrist.

Pros & Cons of M8 Smartwatch


  • M8 Smartphone can be connected with any kind of smartphone through the BT 3 and so is compatible with almost all types of android devices or OS.


  • Poor Battery Backup – M8 Smartwatch gets too slow due to lots of notifications it receives especially of the messages, E-mails, etc. Capacity of M8 Smartwatch is 230mAh only which can keep the gadget active only in standby mode for more than 155 hours.
  • Its display though is clear it lacks sharpness, a must feature for the small screen sized smartwatches.
  • Internal Memory is too low – M8 Smartphone doesn’t have sufficient memory. It can store only 32 MB data.

M8 Smartwatch & Its Features

  • It is a Smartwatch compatibly connecting with android devices or Smartphone.
  • Body of M8 is superb – Made of plastic and steel body M8 smartwatch is tough and strong. Back panel of it is a silicon steel body.
  • M8 can be availed in different colors such as white, yellow, black, blue and red color.
  • M8 Smartwatch is bestowed with 1.44 inch screen that a 128X128 pixel-resolution.
  • Its display is clear exhibiting everything very clearly.
  • M8 is equipped with MTK6261, a boost feature for Smartwatches.
  • Pedometer, barometer and altimeter are some of its additional features.
  • M8 plays music and exhibit other files as well.

Significance of BT Notice App for M8 Smartwatch

To enable your M8 Smartwatch to function as smart phone you should hook up the watch to android Smartphone or android device you might be using. Connecting Smartwatch with Smartphone is nothing but a pairing that paves the way for calls, e-mails and text messages and other social media messages (like WhatsApp) to be diverted or communicated to the smartwatch such as M8 Smartwatch. So if you want to set the service between your smart android phone and M8 Smartwatch then you should pair and interconnect both of your devices through the BT notice app.

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