[Solved] How to delete google search history

Google has become an indispensable part of our lives. Absolutely anything that we want can be found on Google. We open it several times in the day for clearing the many doubts we have. While we browse through different sites on Google we might forget that in the process all our actions and activities are getting recorded in the Google search history. Google now allows you to download an archived list of everything you have ever searched for as well as the authority to delete Google search history.

The tech giant had been working on the feature for a long time, but it only gained widespread attention after it was reported by an unofficial Google Operating Systems Blog last week.

The downloadable collection comprises of terms users have “googled,” including information that may be more sensitive, such as medical symptoms or the names of your blind dates. The internet is keeping a track of all that we do on the Internet. Even if we open a website by mistake, it is getting recorded, and there is no running away from that fact. You can download all your saved search history and even the unsaved ones to see a list of the terms you’ve searched for, according to Google’s website. This gives you unlimited access to your data when and where you want with an internet connection to go with. The list does not stop at Google’s search engine function. It also stores a tabulated documentation of searches within users’ email accounts and addresses that may have been typed into Google Maps. The range of personal information available on the Internet has raised a lot of concerns for the user’s security and databases.

Here are the steps to download your Google history:

  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. View your Web & App Activity
  3. In the top right corner of the page, click the settings icon and select “Download.”
  4. Click “Create Archive.”
  5. When your personal archive is ready to be downloaded, Google will send you an email. You can then view the archive in the “Takeout Folder” of your Google Drive. You can also choose to download the list as a zip of JSON files onto your computer.

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While the google search history option provided to us by Google can be a bane, sometimes we might want to delete the history so that no one else can figure out what we are upto on the internet. The steps are simple and easy to understand.

Delete Google search history

Delete Google search history

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Here’s how to delete Google search history :

  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. View your Web & App Activity.
  3. In the top right corner of the page, click the settings icon and select “Remove Items.”
  4. Choose time period for which you want to delete items. To delete your entire history, select “The Beginning of Time.”
  5. Click “Remove.”

Google also allows you to delete search items that have been searched individually and searches that have taken place in the recent past and searches that have been made via mobile phones or tabloids.

But one thing that every user should be wary of is the fact that the search history once deleted does not necessarily disappear completely. Google stores it to improve its services and prevent spam.

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