How to download video from twitter [Complete guide]

Videos have become an interesting and interactive medium which not only entertains but also educates people. Twitter, like any other social media site, has people (famously called Twitterati) uploading videos of all kinds and on all sorts of issues, whether fun videos or political or even gifts. But, some might be confused on How to download video from twitter? There will be a lot of videos on Twitter that one might find interesting and engaging enough to download and keep for viewing it later. Now the wish of downloading something off Twitter has to sometimes be forgotten because Twitter does not directly allow you to download videos. If these are your woes too, you need to check out this guide to know how to get your favorite videos in your laptop to watch them at leisure as and when you want.

These videos can be easily downloaded on your Windows and Mac laptops and can be played on the device whenever possible. There aren’t a lot of steps to be followed and the steps are not at all difficult. The process on an iOS device, however, is a little bit of a task.


best way on how to download video from twitter

best way on how to download video from twitter

How to download video from twitter on Mac and Windows PC:


Step #1. Open Twitter on your Mac or Windows computer/ laptop

Step #2. Next, you need to find the video which you want to download from Twitter.

Step #3. Now, click on the down arrow which you will find easily at the top right corner of the tweet.


Now, simply copy the link as usual (Ctrl +C) or Right Click and Select Copy.


Step #5. Now, go to

Step #6. Under ‘Paste Tweet URL Here’, paste the link under it and click on the Download button.

Step #7. Now, right click on Download Video and click on Save Link As.


And voila! It’s done.

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how to download video from twitter on iphone

how to download video from twitter on iphone

Simple steps on how to Download video from twitter on iPhone and iPad:


As mentioned above, it’s not a straightforward and simple way to download Twitter videos on your iPhone, unlike Mac or Windows. (Though there are some third party apps, they don’t work as expected.) However, there is a workaround you can save or add the video on the Home screen of your iOS device.

Step #1. Download the Twitter app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Locate the video you want to download. Then, tap on the down arrow located at the top right corner of the tweet.

Step #3. Next, you need to select Share Tweet via.

Step #4. Tap on Copy Link to Tweet.

Step #5. Next, open any mobile browser and go to

Step #6. Next, paste the link and tap on Download.

Step #7. Tap on Download Video.

The video would start playing on the full screen. Tap on the full-screen button at the bottom right corner and then tap on the share icon at the bottom.

Step #8. Now, select Add to Home Screen.


Now simply name the video as desired. By default, it will be named as Favourites. Once you are done, tap on Add at the top right corner.


This is the best-known method on the given issue of how to download videos from twitter.

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