Hancom office 2014 for android apk

Everyone wants to be smart in tech conversation especially the hancom office 2014 for android . The Hancom office 2014  apk is an application that allows user to open files such as Microsoft Office and PDF, which enables viewing of spreadsheets, documents and presentations. Started in the year 1990, Hancom emerged as an office suite software developer company of Korea that has been accredited for the creation of the world famous Hangul, a native word processing program for Korean language. But it wasn’t an easy ride for this company. It had to go through a lot of hardships. Even though it was considered one of the best and so given recognition it deserved. But in 1998, the company nearly went bust, although it had been considered a national treasurem, a bad management, i.e. Asian financial crisis, and software piracy had brought the company to its knees.


How Hancom office 2014 for Android Emerged

Hancom office 2014 for android

Hancom office 2014 for android

The government’s constant support in a form of motivation and funding made Korea’s software industry rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. It got a second life.The story of Hancom mirrors the fortunes of Korea’s reborn software industry through the undying support from the government bodies.

Hancom office 2014 for android Download apk

Hancom office 2014 for android Download apk

Microsoft saw this as an excellent opportunity and, no points for guessing what it did next. It obviously made a run for it. This will be important to understand concept of hancom office 2014 for android apk. Microsoft, which had about 15% market penetration in office apks at the time Korea offered US$20 million to Hancom to stop producing Hangul and instead resell Microsoft’s localized Word program. For a small investment, Microsoft would have wiped out Hangul’s main competitor completely in Korea, one of the few countries in the world that had still resisted wide adoption of Microsoft’s office suite. When the news of this interesting deal broke to the Koreans, they were thrilled. They united and raised over US$10 million through a national campaign to save the company.

Their dedication and the will to keep the company alive is what saved the company. In addition, Hancom’s near-bankruptcy brought the issue of software piracy under the national spotlight. People were now aware of and interested in what was earlier barely known. They started taking the issue of software piracy quite seriously. If you want to see key combinations in hancom office 2014 for android apk, tap the arrow button on the right of each menu tab and then refer to the respective menu list appeared. Hancom’s Office Suite remains the company’s main product. The suite is available in English and Korean. Hancom Office 2014 apk for Android consists of Hanword (a.k.a. Hangul, hwp), Hancell (Spreadsheet), and Hanshow (Presentation program). Hanword, (also known as Hangul, Hangul Word Processor, or HWP) is a word processing application.

The rich client platform (RCP) is a programmer tool that makes it easier to integrate independent software components, where most of the data processing occurs on the client side. It is a software consisting of the following components: A core (microkernel), lifecycle manager. Hancom Office 2014 apk can be downloaded and installed on android devices supporting 14 api and above. You’ll have to download the Hancom Office 2014 apk app and then move the apk file to your Android’s SD card and then use one file manager you prefer to browse & install it. You could also download Hancom Office 2014 apk and run it using android emulators. You can download Hancom office 2014 Android Apk by clicking on the button below.

Ups & Down of Hancom office 2014 Android Apk

A standard bundling framework. As of March 2015, Hancom employed 368 people. The company has been profitable for nine consecutive years, which is estimated sales of KRW 54.5 billion (US$48.6 million) for last year. All was not well for this company yet. As soon as things started improving a little bit, in May 2017 Hancom lost a lawsuit in US Federal Court for violating the GNU GPL license as a consequence of using the source code of PostScript and PDF interpreter Ghostscript. Ghostscript is dual licensed under both the Affero GPL License, or a commercial license. Ghostscript is a suite of software based on an interpreter for Adobe Systems’ PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF) page description languages. Its main purposes are the rasterization or rendering of such page description language, files, for the display or printing of document pages, and the conversion between PostScript and PDF files. Under the Affero GPL terms, Hancom would be required to open source their code. Alternatively, they could have purchased a license.

Featurtes in Hancom office 2014 for android

Hancom Office Viewer for android is a mobile viewer program for ‘Netffice 24’, being compatible for PDF file format. Through a Netffice 24 account, viewing PDF document are guaranteed in a same level of viewing in PC. A variety of functions such as interlocking a Netffice 24, PDF tin function, finding, hyperlink, and bookmark are offered by Hancom office 2014 for android apk for android. This App is played without additional icon, just through ‘Netffice 24 App’. It supports almost 45 languages. Hancom office viewer apk is an app that uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.

Functions of  Hancom office Apk

  • Tap Hancom Office Viewerhancom office 2014 for android apk on screen,
  • Now, tap on open in order to browse through documents.
  • Then to search for documents recently used, tap the recent documents icon.

To read documents

  • On the Apps Screen, tap the Hancom Office Viewer.
  • In recent documents or any other folder, tap any document desired to read.
  • Then tap on Menu.

On Presentation:

  • Find is to search for text.
  • Edit to make corrections.
  • Slide show to start a slide show (on the first page).
  • From Current slide to start from the current page.
  • Zoom is to change its view size.
  • Document info is to enable the user to view the details of the document.
  • Show Presenter View actually is display when connected to an external monitor.
  • Print is to for printing when connected to a printer.
  • Send is to share it with others.
  • On Word Processor:

The following functions are the same: Find, Zoom, Print, Send, Edit, and Document Info. Others are:
Show/Hide Comments can actually show or hide comments on any document.

On Spreadsheet:
The functions hancom office 2014 for android apk apply for it also : Find, Zoom, Print, Send, Edit, and Document Info. Others are:
Sort is to sort cells by particular criteria.
Show formulas is for the user to view formulas inside the cells.
Gridlines either shows or hides gridlines.
Freeze Panes is for keeping selected rows in order.
Show All Comments to show or hide memos.
Print Area is to select where to print.


  • The following functions are same: Send, Zoom, Hide/Show Comments and Print. Others are:
    Search is for searching text.
  • Properties are for viewing details of documents.
  • Vertical page scrolling/Horizontal Page Scrolling/Continuous View is for changing the view mode.
    Reading view is just for the user to view documents only.
  • ‘Go to page’ is to view a particular page.
    Bookmarks is for the user to view bookmarks.
  • To manage documents, any of the following options can be used after tapping Hancom Office

Viewer for android,

  • Save and selecting Documents or Folders:
  • Rename which is to rename a folder or document.
  • Move is for moving documents or folder to another folder.
  • Copy is for copying documents or folders.
  • Delete is for deleting documents or folders.
  • Send is for sharing or sending documents to others.

All these works on all Samsung Galaxy Tab S. And following these steps easily one can use hancom office 2014 for android apk on Samsung Galaxy Tab  S.

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