How to Listen to YouTube In The Background IPhone

Do you want any of your favorite song-tracks to be played on the background of your iPhone? Don’t lose your heart guy. We are sharing over here a simple but effective way to let you know how to listen to YouTube in the background iPhone of yours.

Listening to YouTube Audio/Music on iPhone Background


How to Listen to YouTube In The Background iPhone?

If you want to listen to a musical sound track on YouTube of iPhone  without the video, then you will have to play initially the favorite YouTube video on your iPhone and thereafter follow the simple tricks to set selected music or song to be played on background of the iPhone.

Let’s have a look at the tricks of playing YouTube video on background of iPhone –

  • Select a Favorite Video on iPhone– Select YouTube video you want to set in background for pleasing music or audio without letting the video be played on the screen.
  • Play the Selected YouTube Video on Safari – Select YouTube video and play it on Safari. You can use YouTube and BBC iPlayer also but these streaming systems have been questioned from time to time by the users so it’d better you open the selected YouTube video only on Safari that works on a pattern the Spotify does.  Spotify also is another powerful streaming system used at large to download and play the big videos. You can store or download large number of videos on YouTube and BBC iPlayer to enjoy its audio/music in the background of iPhone when desire.
  • Start Playing Selected YouTube Video.
  • Stop playing the video by tapping Home option of the screen.
  • Open control-section by sliding the bottom of iPhone screen upwards through your finger.
  • Tap ‘play’ to start playing audio/sound of the selected video now.
  • You will come across a button with Wake up/Sleep option.
  • Press this button and enjoy the music or audio of YouTube’s video on background of your iPhone.

Why To Listen To YouTube In The Background iPhone

Since the audio on YouTube vanishes with video going off the screen, continuing with video’s audio is presumed to be a challenge for mediocre. But before contemplating on how to listen to YouTube in the background iPhone, it is important to dwell on why does anyone plan to listen to YouTube music or sound in the background of iPhone and one of the major reasons of adhering to the background audio or music track on iPhone is the phone’s battery draining faster due to videos consuming power exorbitantly.

They render iPhones and smartphones nearly dead by exhausting power backup of battery. But the battery backup can yet be saved provided we set the favorite track of music on YouTube to play on the background of phone without video. But maximum numbers of the iPhone users do not know how to listen to YouTube in the background iPhone and hence they encounter a big problem of fast battery-drainage of their iPhone. While  the solution actually lies in playing the music or audio on the background of iPhone without playing YouTube video on screen.

Here’s tricks regarding how to listen to YouTube in the background iPhone are wonderful way of enjoying audio of YouTube videos without causing exhausting impact on phones we may be using. 

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