Get Jio intelligent phone for FREE , What it has to offer

Jio intelligent phone soon to hit the market

Reliance JIO has been giving nightmares to the telecom companies since months. Free data voice calls and internet has been submerging the revenues and profits of top telecom operators. The stringency of TRAI led Reliance to fix the deadline of its Summer Surprise offer. In its AGM held on 21st July 2017, RIL Chairman, Mr. Mukesh Ambani made an official announcement which took the telecom industry by surprise. Mr. Ambani announced launching of Jio intelligent phone which is set to hit the market by end of August 2017.

jio intelligent phone

jio intelligent phone

Adding to the glee of its customers, it was announced that the ultimate price to be paid for owning the JIO intelligent phone will be “Zero”. All you need to do is to pay a refundable security of Rs. 1,500/- in the beginning. After a span of 36 months the security of Rs. 1,500/- will be refunded when you will return the phone to the company. In the meanwhile, users will be required to pay Rs. 153 per month in addition to JIO apps (JIO Dhan Dhana Dhan plan).

Features of Jio intelligent phone

  • Screen Size : 2.4 inch
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Internal Memory : 4GB
  • Camera
  • Front : VGA
  • Rear : 2 Megapixels
  • Battery : 2000mAh
  • Bluetooth : v4.1
  • App Store : KaiOS
  • FM Radio : Yes
  • Wi-Fi : Yes
  • Processor : Qualcomm (rumored)
  • Network : 4G
  • SIM : Dual
  • MicroSD : Up to 128 GB

These are some features which you will find in the JIO 4G feature phones.

If you think that free data and voice calls are the only thing that’ll make you go woo about these phones then just have a look as to what else will this phone provide you:


  • Voice command– Control calling, messaging and applications simply by your voice. You can play music by voice command !
  • Multi lingual support– JIO 4g feature phone will support up to 24 different languages and the same goes for the keypad embedded in the phone.
  • SOS message– Long-pressing “5” for will send a distress message which will also include your location.
  • NFC payments– This feature is said to be provided by the end of this year.


These above mentioned feature will be giving the rivals of JIO a run for their money. If you think that the smart phone that you possess is a high end device and you need nothing else then you must compare it with the additional features mentioned above.

reliance jio

reliance jio

Already, Jio – Mobile network operator company has captivated the telecom market and has been creating a situation of monopolistic market. With the launch of such outstanding feature phone and that to at Zero cost is a big move which won’t let other telecom operators in the industry to prosper so easily. The trial of Jio intelligent phone is set to begin from 15th August, 2017. Initially the company plans to manufacture 10 millions handsets and later on it will increase the production based on the demand. So, be prepared from one more revolution in the telecom industry in the days to come.

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