5 Best Kids GPS watches in the market

GPS watches are the world’s smallest real time cellular connected GPS tracking devices. A special category of watches, Kids GPS Watches have been designed are most helpful for kids. The watches which will be worn by kids will be connected to their parents’ smartphones. Parents get synced with their kids through the application which was downloaded in their mobiles, this application enables to track location, send alerts and can even dial the smart watches to talk to kids. This invention overcomes many of parenting challenges.

Functionalities of the GPS watches:

  • GPS location tracker.
  • Two way communication between parents and kids.
  • Remote monitoring – It allows parents to listen into child’s surroundings.
  • Fitness tracker.


most popular Kids GPS watch

most popular Kids GPS watch

Some of the best Kids GPS  watches are as follows:

  1. The LG(KizON) GizmoPal 2

The GizmoPal 2 by LG is an extension to its original model, which was a GPS tracking machine. The design of the device is modified in a better way compared to the previous version. It also indicates fun sounds and a voice clock which calls out the time to keep kids entertained. Parents have a privilege of viewing their child’s location, they can even set boundaries of locations. After setting boundaries, the watches will send notifications if it detects the child crossing them. The device works as a phone, too, as parents can call the watch and children may call out to predetermined numbers


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  1. The HereO

This is one of the less obvious GPS smart watches for kids. One can track the devices for up to 72 hours by GPS. It keeps tracking the child’s location from the moment it is placed on child’s wrist.

HereO has many good Kid friendly designs. It doesn’t look too tech-y either – so predators and thieves won’t be tempted to steal it. Even if someone removes the watch from child’s wrist then it is displayed as the last alert from the child.


  1. Kigo watch

Kigo watches include GSM and GPS functionalities. The best advantage of Kigo watches as you can track child even inside a building and it offers global SIM support, so it can be used in any country. Through a proprietary app on a connected mobile device, you can buzz the smart watch as a sort of alert, or sound an alarm. The app is free and works for both Android and IOS handsets. The Kigo requires a GSM subscription to track the smart watch all over the globe. As Kigo is in partnership with Vodafone, International tracking is available.


  1. AmbyGear Smartwatch

One of the most durable watches on this list, the device comes with a soft silicone shell that covers the entire case. The main features are safe-zone settings, smart calendars, messaging, parental controls, and even a unique system where you can enable apps that change as your child gets older. You can also set up geofences and arrange for alerts to be sent whenever your child gets close to a geofence or leaves it.

best kids GPS watch

best kids GPS watch

5. Myki Kids watch

The MyKi kids watch is a GPS-GSM enabled, you can keep an eye on your child’s location with the help of wireless connection. It is an exceptional wearable for anyone that is interested in this kind of thing. It allows you to make calls and chat with your kids via voice and text messages. Children can also activate an SOS mode when they’re in trouble, and it will automatically begin to alert pre-defined contacts. You can also track your child’s physical activity and sleep habits, all the activities are recorded in the companion app.

These were a few of the best Kids GPS watches rolling out in the market.


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