Lucky Patcher APK Download for the Safety of Your Device

You can get rid of ads by simply getting the Lucky Patcher apk downloaded on your android device. Functioning as a toolbox the Lucky Patcher apk can be downloaded to clean data and uninstall purchased apps, modify apk files and make the clone of desired apps as well. This page is also furnishing here the information on different Lucky Patcher apk download versions.

Lucky Patcher APK download

Lucky Patcher APK download

Remove In App Ads with Lucky Patcher APK

Just after downloading any application we come across lots of irritating ads which after all force us to remove the respective app. But the Lucky Patcher APK is the best solution of such type of problems which can be used as a tool to delete licenses of unwanted Apps installed/downloaded on android device. It provides command to create backup, remove ads and bring desired modifications regarding installed apps. Such kind of action is considered to be illegitimate as it deletes the licenses of downloaded apps or free in-app purchases approved online by Google. Deleting license of apps is illegal and this is the only reason that Google issues warning against Lucky Patcher APK. However you can download it provided your android device is rooted.

Why Lucky Patcher APK is Treated as Illegal by Google?

Google earns a lot through online ads and helps others also to make the money. In such situation Lucky Patcher APK’s blocking online ads is considered to be counter productive which Google doesnt allow in any manner. As the Lucky Patcher APK downloaded on android device removes app licenses and brings modifications apart from creating backups it is used as a tool from security point of you.

Lucky Patcher APK Download Versions

Lucky Patcher APK download

Lucky Patcher APK download

Lucky Patcher APK is available in different versions which can be downloaded on android device. Let’s have a look at these versions.

  • Lucky Patcher APK Download Version 6.6.9 – It provides speedy support for the users of android 7. It updates translations customizing the patches. Used as Lucky patcher apk downloaded, it fixes virus problem.
  • Lucky Patcher APK Download Version 6.6.8 – It prevents firm-wares and Google ads checking the updates of ads. It fortifies the system from attack of virus.
  • Lucky Patcher Download Version 6.6.3.
  • Lucky Patcher APK Version 6.6.2 – Apart from updating X-posed module feature it is equipped with adding buttons for group operation, browsing dialog, updating hosts-files to remove Google ads and fixing APK virus problem.
  • Lucky Patcher APK Download Version 6.6.1 – It is most important Lucky Patcher APK which if downloaded on mobile automatically removes threat-posing apps and modifies them for future. If provides backup also so it deserves to be counted as the best Lucky Patcher APK to be downloaded.
  • Lucky Patcher APK Download Version 6.6.7. – Google warns against it and terming it harmful will let you go ahead in download at your own risk.
  • Lucky Patcher APK Download Version – If in your mobile following applications and games are downloaded then this version has got to be of greatest help. The Lucky Patch apk supports following apps and apps and….Fingerprint Action Pro, Amaze VPN, Hi VPN – Free Unlimited Proxy, , Hotspot VPN, Internet, App Backup & Restore, 3C Toolbox Pro, VPN Private Internet Access, Unlimited & IP Changer, ApzLock, PhotoGrid, TypeApp, Tumblr, EZ Folder Player, Popular Games In Mini Guns. Real Steel Boxing Champions, Arcaea – New Dimension Rhythm Game,Free Shooting, Beholder, Champions and Challengers, MU Origin, Angry Birds Transformers, Podcast Player, Viber Messenger, 123 Numbers – Count & Tracing, DANDY DUNGEON, War Robots, Today Weather, Pocket Pixel Horror, UC Browser, UC Browser, WhatsApp, WhatsApp BBM, BBM Viber, Viber, Facebook, Facebook Skype, Skype AVG, AVG Mobile Tango, Tango Telegram, Telegram Google, Google Microsoft, Microsoft Sony, Sony ASUS, ASUS HTC Corporation, HTC Corporation Adobe, Adobe ai.type, ai.type Amazon, Amazon Mobile GO Keyboard, GO Keyboard Twitter, Twitter Maxthon Browser, Maxthon Browser Dropbox, Dropbox Firefox, Firefox Instagram, Instagram SoundCloud, SoundCloud Snapchat, Snapchat Dolphin, Dolphin Evernote, Evernote Duolingo, Duolingo GO Launcher, GO Launcher Musixmatch and Musixmatch.
  • Lucky Patcher APK Download Version – It is not allowed by Google nut you can go ahead.
  • Lucky Patcher APK Download Version 6.6.5. –
  • Lucky Patcher APK Download Version 6.6.4.
Lucky Patcher APK download

Lucky Patcher APK download

Pros and Cons of the Lucky Patcher APK


  • Available in several versions, the Lucky patcher apk enables its users to disable and uninstall unwanted apps downloaded on android devices. It not only removes unwanted APKs but creates clone of desired apps as well.
  • Developed by Chelpus, the Lucky patcher apk can modify APK files, i.e., thwarting the prerequisite of getting permission by APK.
  • Be whatsoever Lucky patcher apk download version, it prevents Google ads.
  • It invalidates licensing conformation for any type of in-purchase app paving the way in this way to install desired app without purchase.
  • Lucky patcher apk downloaded on android device improves operating system of device (performance).
  • All types of unlocking problems are resolved with the Lucky patcher apk on device.
  • Lucky patcher apk downloaded on android phone or device exhibits complete details of data stored on mobile and sent to the server.
  • All the games and APKs can be retrieved as the Lucky patcher apk downloads create a backup of everything stored on android device.
  • The Lucky patcher apk downloaded on any android device scans the status of all the apps.
Lucky Patcher APK download

Lucky Patcher APK download


  • Serving superbly on all types of Android systems, the Lucky patcher apk downloaded on any android system occasionally causes some technical problem in re-launching the loop and causing the system to get slow or dormant.
  • So you must not tolerate irritating and bogus ads as the Lucky Patcher APK Downloaded on your android device will invalidate licensing verification required for unwanted in-app purchase.

Can Lucky Patcher apk is Compatible for Games?

If you have passion for time-killer games you should download Lucky patcher apk to keep your computer safe and secure. The Lucky patcher apk is most popular apk all over the world to serve as a tool which anyone else can install before downloading the games. But yet you should be alert prior to installing this app as it’s action of removing licenses or licensing verification of the already installed apps is illegitimate. The Google warns against it. But you should not be scared of real Lucky-Patcher app but the online threat posed by the games. Its deleting action entitles it to be counted as malware or virus. But factually this is not so.

Lucky Patcher APK download

Lucky Patcher APK download

The Games Compatible with Lucky Patcher APK

Following is the list of addictive games which you can amidst the security of Lucky Patcher apk installed on your device. You can go for Lucky patcher apk’s different versions to select desired games. Following is the list of games compatible with Lucky Patcher apk which keeps irritating ads at bay.

  • ROBOTS – Just download the Lucky patcher apk on you device. Select the ‘Restore-Purchase’ and restart your device to have this game without in-purchase.
  • Farm Away.
  • Dictator 2.
  • Brothers (Clash for Achievements).
  • Gun Strike 2.
  • Unfinished Mission with Achievements.
  • On The Run with Achievements.
  • Puzzle Craft 2 with Achievements.
  • Build Away Idle City Builder.
  • Bio Inc.
  • The Factory with Achievements.
  • Mad Day Truck-Distance-Game.
  • Fruit Ninja.
  • Watch out Zombies.
  • Invention City.
  • Under Heroes with Achievements.
  • Route Z with Achievements.
  • Cricket Hungama.
  • Last Heroes with Achievements.
Last Heroes with Achievements

Last Heroes with Achievements

  • Zombies-Got-Pogo.
    Bee Brilliant.
  • Swamp Attack.
  • Zombie Catchers.
  • Hunger Games Panem Run.
  • Watch out Zombies.
  • Smash Cops Heat.
  • Hungry Shark Evolution.
  • Deadly Fight with Achievements.
  • Blooms TD Battles.
  • Monster Defender.
  • Tower Madness with Achievements.
  • Hero Simulator with Achievements.
  • Sky Charms.
  • Robbery Bob 2 with Achievements.
    Just Shout.
  • Storm the Train.
  • Tiny Troopers 2.
  • Stunt Car Racing.
  • Street Fighting 2.
  • Zombie Squad.
  • Age of wind 3.
  • Zombie Scrapper.
  • Zombie Highway 2.
  • Stick War with Achievements.
  • Can Knockdown 3.
  • Chhota Bheem.
  • Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter.
  • Puzzle Craft 2.
  • Injustice – with Achievements.

So coming across use of the Lucky Patcher APK you might have learnt actual significance of respective app. Before taking any decision you should dwell on the need of such app which if seems to be met with Lucky Patcher APK you must download the Lucky Patcher APK.

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