Super Mario 2 HD MOD APK with Unlimited coins 100% FREE Download

The first Mario game was launched in 1983 in Japan and North America and in 1985, it was launched in rest of the world. The 90’s kid must have remembered this game when it was the first boom in the market.

Till then, it’s now getting better with Super Mario Run which came last year on Android. Super Mario 2 Android version has different characters to play with and some new levels to unlock. It’s almost same like Super Mario in terms of level designs and gameplay.

The android developers have brought this game from television sets to Android mobile phones. They succeeded well by getting the Super Mario 2 HD MOD APK with Unlimited coins.

Super Mario 2 Bros is out for Android, but, this is not the official game. Actually, this is a fan made game that is like Super Mario. Super . The official game was launched last year by Nintendo, but they didn’t do well despite the number of downloads.

Super Mario 2 HD MOD APK has surely brought back the old Super Mario back in memories lane by enhancing graphics and gameplay. You just have to use different controls in the game to choose which fits the best for you.

Super Mario 2 HD MOD APK with Unlimited coins


Different game modes –

  1. Super Mario 2 HD
  2. Super Mario levels.

You need to play part 2 if you want to unlock part 1 because that is the only way to unlock part 1 as it contains original levels which look like imported from the original super Mario game and it’s actually fun as well.

Super Mario 2 HD MOD APK

To buy new characters or get Unlimited lives you have to use Super Mario 2 HD MOD APK along with the game. Now, if you want to try old Mario in some new graphics then, Super Mario 2 HD MOD APK is the best way to enjoy it.


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