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Survey bypass in chrome - How to get rid from it - Tech in Mind

Survey bypass in chrome – How to get rid from it

This article teaches you how to bypass survey content blockers or you can say Survey bypass in chrome that require you to fill out a questionnaire or provider personal information before you can view content. If you’re comfortable with more advanced options, you can use Chrome to bypass surveys.

Why do some files have surveys?

How to Survey bypass chrome

Online surveys can be great headache because most of the interesting les related to any full version software is mostly locked in surveys which most of guys are not able to do so Depending on how premium the content or how rare the file is, some do use surveys to protect it from leechers. This way only those who truly need the tool will have access on it. Also some files do take some time to be developed and are being released for free. This means that you can download files for free with just a few minutes of time. In return, software developers add a survey on it so it can only be downloaded by people who wants it that is why everyone searches over net on how to bypass online surveys.

Process 1: Using ScriptSafe for Survey bypass on Chrome

Open Chrome. The ScriptSafe plugin only works in Google Chrome. Go to the ScriptSafe plugin page. Click ADD TO CHROME. It’s a blue button in the upper-right side of the ScriptSafe window. Click Add extension when prompted. This will install ScriptSafe on your Chrome browser.

Process 2 : Extracting Links From the Site

Open Google Chrome. You will need Chrome for the developer tools included in the program. This will allow you to scan the website for all the links it contains, potentially allowing you to find the download link you need without completing the survey.

Go to the survey site you were trying to access. You should see the survey window pop up. Extracting links only works if the link to the download or site you need is on the same page as the survey. Click the icon which is in the top-right corner of the Chrome browser. Select More tools, then click Developer tools. This will open Chrome’s developer window on the right side of the Chrome window. Click the Console tab. This is at the top of the developer frame. Paste the URL retrieval code into the console. Copy and paste the following code into the console and then press ↵ Enter:
urls = $$(‘a’); for (url in urls) console.log ( urls[url].href );

Look for the link you want. After running the command, you will be presented with a list of all of the links on that website. If the download or page you need is on the site, you will be able to access it by clicking the correct link. Links ending in .css or .js are not download links, but links to other elements for the website. These can be ignored.

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Process 3 : Survey bypass Using the Element Inspector

Visit a website with a survey. You can use any of the major web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) to perform this method. Open the element inspector. Click chrome. select more tools, and click developer tools. Search for the survey box’s code. Move your mouse cursor over each line of code in the element inspector and wait for the survey box to be highlighted in the main window. Once you see the survey box flash, you’ve found the line of code for the survey box. You may need to expand certain lines of code by clicking the triangle next to a specific line of code.

If you can’t find the code, try right-clicking the survey while looking at the element inspector. If text appears near a line of code, the line of code is the survey box. Delete the survey box’s line of code. Click the line of code, then press your computer’s Delete key. You can also right-click the line of code and click Delete or Remove. Search for the overlay code line. There will still be a transparent screen over the webpage that prevents you from accessing the content; disabling the overlay will remove this screen. The whole page will be highlighted when you select the overlay code line. Delete the overlay code line. You should now be able to access the links or content on the page. This will not work if the survey was essential to load the page’s content. Deleting the overlay may remove the scroll bar. You can use your mouse to scroll to get around this. These are the perfect solutions to bypass survey in chrome for people who want to download files but are protected by surveys, and is living in a place where no surveys are available.

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