List of Top 10 CCTV brands in India

CCTV is a fast growing business not just in India, but all across the world. It is the need of the hour with the thefts and the robbery increasing at an alarming rate. With the help of CCTVs, one can not only track down thefts which have happened, but can also prevent them from happening by increasing security. They are found not just in public places like outside the police stations, in malls, at bus stops, etc. but they are also seen at homes. Now a days in CCTV are in demand in developed places and so there are CCTV brands in India. They are usually put outside to protect the person’s house from unwanted strangers.

Top 10 CCTV brands in India

Top 10 CCTV brands in India

List of Top 10 CCTV brands in India

With the fast growing need of CCTVs, the number of brands making CCTVs has also increased. There’s a plethora of brands one can choose from. Here are a few:


Founded in the year 2001, Hikvision is considered amongst the very first brands to male it to the market. All over the world, it is considered the largest manufacturer of vide surveillance devices. The features they offer are plenty. Zoom, Network PTZ Cameras, Analog Cameras, Dome and Network Cameras are the variants of CCTV camera. 1 to 2 years of warranty is insured by the company.


One of the best in India, Zicom offer a variety of cameras and services. For e.g., Electronic Safe, Digital Locks, Intrusion Alarm, Zoom Camera, HD Camera, Wireless Camera, Hidden Camera, IP Camera, HD DVR, Video Door Phone, Night Vision Camera, Bullet Camera etc. The products are not just genius of engineering but also come with smart technology.

CP Plus

A well trusted and world’s best CCTV camera brand was established in India in 2007. It is considered as the world leader in the security system industry. The cameras that CP Plus produce are plenty ranging right from Electronic Safe, Digital Locks, Intrusion Alarm, Zoom Camera, HD Camera, Wireless Camera, Hidden Camera, IP Camera, HD DVR, Video Door Phone, Night Vision Camera to Bullet Cameras etc.


Definitely a well known brand, Sony has left its footprints in the CCTV industry too. Even under that, it manufactures a wide range of cameras. A few of the products that they are proud of are, Fixed cameras, Minidome cameras and PTZ cameras. it mixes simple solutions with A level technology. The different kinds of CCTV cameras are IP Cameras, Network Recorders and Wireless Security Cameras, 4K Security Cameras.


Akin to Sony, Samsung also has its eggs in different baskets. One of the baskets undoubtedly being the CCTV industry. A South Korean brand, it is considered reliable by people across the globe. Their camera is produced with the latest technology and advanced features.  ATM Camera, High Resolution Box Camera, Varifocul Lens Camera/W5.DSP, WDR Zoom Camera, and XDR Cameras are the products of Sony.

Top 10 CCTV brands in India

Top 10 CCTV brands in India


A Taiwanese company that manufactures CCTV cameras offers the best durable performance for capturing videos and voice too. It is extremely popular and can be set on homes, colleges, schools and offices. It has day and night 24-hour surveillance and IR effective distance up to 25 meters.


A well trusted brand not only comes up with extremely well crafted features, but also is considered to have great quality products. The various kinds of cameras they offer are, IP solutions, instruction detection and control, conference systems, fire alarm system, social alarm systems, access control system, paging and personal security systems. It offers a resolution of TVL 380.


Well, we have all heard of LG, as one of the most trusted and reliable brands across the world. A South Korean multinational company, came into existence on October 1958. It gives a holistic range of security solutions. IR Vandal Dome Cameras, PTZ camera,  IP cameras, diverse analog camera box, dome camera and Bullet camera are the wide range of CCTV camera. An integrated solution is available in a CCTV camera. It has digital Day & Night box camera


A Chinese Electronic Brand UNV has only recently mad it’s entry into the Indian market with their CCTV Products and thermostat, a necessary product for home and office. It has successfully managed to reach one of the top 10 brands in a considerably short amount of time.


Headquartered in Mumbai, Godrej is a well known brand. It provides customised security solutions. One of the best CCTV cameras are sold by Godrej. The advanced technology is used to analyse and detect videos. They provide comprehensive security solutions. The various kinds of products are Eyetrace cameras, Dome Cameras, Seethru Quadra HD CCTV cameras, CU V1 Portable CCTV cameras and ET200-IRMB cameras.

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